Welcome to McCulloch Rail - specialists in rail handling and rail logistics. The U.K.'s number one rail installer.

It's All About Safety...

McCulloch Rail is very proud of their safety record and lists safety as top priority when introducing methodologies for all works and believe that our systems are intrinsically safer than the present traditional practises.

  1. Our machines eliminate a predominant amount of manual handling duties hence drastically reducing man/machine proximity

  2. No attachments to obstruct adjacent lines or breach OLE safety zone

  3. All lifting movements are very controlled as only minimal height required for operational modes

  4. No tandem lifts carried out

  5. All operators highly trained and employed directly by us

Who We Are:
McCulloch Rail are a company that are specialists in rail handling and rail logistics that provide a highly successful range of services on the rail infrastructure, making it the U.K.’s number one company in its field.

Established in 1992:
By Billy & Danny McCulloch the brothers discovered a niche in the market and developed the TRT. Since then our company has gone from strength to strength with several unique and innovative technologies making rail handling and rail logistics a safer with more efficient working practices.

McCulloch Rail Mission Statement:
Using the successful combination of technological engineering and a highly trained workforce allows McCulloch Rail to delivery consistently high standards of workmanship whilst remaining competitive in the Rail Industry.

Contact Information:
T: 01465 831350
E: enquiries@mccullochrail.com
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Latest News...

McCulloch Rail is the UKs number one rail installer. Here are some highlights.

  1. McCulloch Rail attended the National Track Plant Exhibition held at Long Marston. Thank you to everyone who took the time to chat to us and view our products.

  2. The FLASS Machine has received full Product Acceptance from Network Rail and is now delivering the benefits it can bring to the Rail Infrastructure.

  3. New website. Our new website is here. Watch our machines in action and see what we can do for your business

Discover Our Services...

Panel Lifter, can lift and remove / install one 60ft concrete or 90ft wooden panel in minutes - completely eliminating tandem crane lifting and manual handling.

FLASS, Fine Lining And Sleeper Spacing accurately aligns and spaces up to 15 sleepers per lift with an overall rate of 10 - 12 lengths per hour making rail installation and clipping easier and faster. Sleepers laid using the FLASS machine eliminates manual handling and snagging works which reduces tamping requirements resulting in a material saving to the overall cost of renewals.

TRT, Trac Rail Transposer. Safe and accurate rail installation at output rates of up to 88 lengths per hour have been achieved. TRTs in multiple can move and install switches (all sizes), crossings and LWR lengths - completely eliminating manual handling.

Scrap Recovery, high capacity Unimog and trolley system is approved for lifting and moving up to 709ft LWRs - eliminating rail dragging and manual handling. In scrap recovery mode up to a mile of scrap rail can be burned, lifted and recovered to access point for removal by NDS road haulage.

See Us In Action...

Watch our latest videos as we demonstrate our specialist machines in action on live sites.

Featured video - FLASS.

Online Project Gallery...

Take a look at our projects around the UK in our photography gallery.