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The TRT (Trac Rail Transposer) is a rubber tracked machine with full product acceptance to work on rail infrastructures such as Network Rail, the Nexus rail network, London Underground, and Metro Link.  The TRT is 2.3 metres long, 1.8 metres in width and 1.7 metres in height.

The TRT can remove and install all profiles of rail including but not limited to Bull Head, Flat Bottom Rail and Conductor Rail.  The TRT can be used to re-position any length of plain line rail from 20ft up to 1418ft and can also be utilized to transport, remove and install any length of S&C associated iron work such as switches and crossings.

Key Points

  • The TRT is fully approved to work under live Overhead Line Equipment.
  • Removes, installs and repositions rail in a safe controlled manner.
  • Ideal for use on single line track layouts.
  • Can easily cross multiple tracks including areas with conductor rails.
  • Capable of threading rail past lineside equipment/masts etc from one track to another

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