About Us

Our story started off in humble beginnings receiving £40 per week from the Prince’s trust, we originally started off selling sawdust door to door before moving on to tree-cutting and ground maintenance.


Brothers Billy and Danny McCulloch founded W&D McCulloch primarily focusing on selling saw dust.


‘Mary Mog’ The first Unimog McCulloch Rail ever purchased as we began a new direction in tree cutting for the Railway.


Our head office was purchased in Ballantrae.


W&D McCulloch invented the first Trac Rail Transposer (TRT). The TRT was developed in Ballantrae and designed to remove and install rails eliminating manual handling.


McCulloch Rail designed the Fine Line And Sleeper Spacer more commonly known as the FLASS. The FLASS is easy to operate and can increase productivity whilst reducing manual handling.


McCulloch Rail designed the Heavy Duty FLASS (Panel Lifter) the concept behind the Panel Lifter was being able to complete the work of much larger machines in a much more accessible machine.


TRT 50 was created marking how far we have come from the initial design. The image below shows TRT 50 standing next to TRT 01


McCulloch Rail founded McCulloch International after a successful trial with NYCT we have an eye on controlled expansion across the pond