The Problem

Can the TRT’s offer me any advantage over other plants?

I only have a short possession and the access point is a long distance from the re-railing point, there is also overhead line equipment at site.  Can the TRT’s offer me any advantage over other plants?

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The Solution

If your challenge involves re-railing or rail logistics, the TRT is the machine for the job.

In certain circumstances the TRT’s can be accessed at unconventional access points.  Once on site, provided the principle contractor risk assesses the site and agrees it is safe to do so, the TRT’s can be safely parked on site without the need to access and egress the site at the start and finish of every shift.  The TRT is fully approved to work under overhead line equipment without the need for timely isolations.  As soon as the worksite has been granted and the necessary paperwork has been completed the TRT’s can start work.

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