The Problem

I have CWR I need to install.

I have CWR I need to install, but due to site constraints the CWR is not in the location that I wish to install it. 

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The Solution

If your challenge involves re-railing or rail logistics, the TRT is the machine for the job.

Depending on the distance the rail needs to be repositioned, TRT’s can be used to reposition any length of rail from 15ft to 1418ft. Generally as a rule of thumb TRT’s can be used to reposition CWR longitudinally up to 800ft.  Depending on individual site constraints this distance can be increased.  If the rail/rails need to be moved a large distance or through S&C we can load the rails to rail trolleys and transport them any distance, in gauge through S&C, platforms or tight clearances.

Machine Combination

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