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Panel Lifter

The Panel Lifter was the concept of Billy McCulloch and was designed around Network Rail’s decision to prohibit the use of any Road Rail vehicle from lifting 60ft concrete track panels.  The panel lifter is a tracked machine that has a retracted width of 2470mm, enabling improved access, and an extended width of 3665mm to lift wider loads.  The Panel Lifters are capable of removing and installing track panels all with different component make up, whether concrete, steel, or wood sleepers, flat bottom or bull head rail up to 12 tonnes.


The Panel Lifters are completely remote control, creating an instant exclusion zone and eliminating any manual handling issues.  Although originally designed to lift track panels, due to the versatility of this tracked lifting tool, it has been utilized in lifting many other items associated with railway renewal/construction, such as S&C Panels and PCT Panels.

Key Points

What do you need to know about our Panel Lifter?

  • Huge 12 tonne lifting capability.
  • Can work under live overhead line equipment, eliminating costly time consuming isolations.
  • Fully remote control creating an instant exclusion zone and no need for any manual handling.
  • Tracked machine with variable track width allowing access and use in narrow environments.
  • Ideal for use on single line track layouts.

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